COVID-19 surge: Jump in COVID infections in all areas across Western NSW LHD, Mark Spittal urges residents to have a 'Plan C'

INFECTIONS of COVID-19 have surged across the Western NSW Local Health district since January 1.

Figures for Cabonne and Canowindra have shown a marked increase in infections with health officials warning "it's likely there are more undiagnosed cases in our communities".

Western NSW Local Health District Acting Chief Executive Mark Spittal is urging communities to remain committed to their own COVID-safe measures.

Mark Spittal.

Mark Spittal.

As of Tuesday, January 11, NSW Health said there were 22 active COVID-19 cases in Canowindra's 2804 postcode and 102 active cases across Cabonne Shire.

Across Cowra Shire there were 88 active cases on Tuesday, 77 of them in Cowra.

As of Tuesday morning Western NSW Local Health District had reported 4985 new cases since the new year.

One hundred and six new cases had been reported across Cabonne during this period.

Neighbouring Cowra Shire reported 84 new cases during the same period.

"We are following the trend of everywhere else in NSW, with a surge of new cases. We expect those numbers to go back and forth a bit, but remain high, as we move into this phase," Mr Spittal said.

"We know that the Omicron variant moves very quickly, and that while extremely good vaccination rates have slowed the spread, and prevented wide-spread serious illness, high rates of transmission are going to be around for a while. This isn't cause for panic, but it's an important reminder that everyone needs to have a 'Plan C' for how their own household will manage if someone needs to isolate with COVID-19 or while they're waiting for a test result."

Statewide, NSW recorded 25,870 new COVID-19 cases in the 24-hour reporting period to 8pm on Monday, January 10. There are 2186 people in hospital receiving treatment for the virus and 170 cases in ICU, with 11 COVID-related deaths on report.