A smoother, comfier ride: Station welcomes new ambulance

Paramedics in Canowindra are thrilled with the station’s new ambulance which will provide maximum comfort for patients on transfer.

The new-look, state of the art vehicle arrived at the weekend which houses a battery powered hydraulic stretcher that will also help staff ease people into the ambulance, and transfer larger patients.

Acting station officer at Canowindra Jason Speight and his staff were trained to operate the stretcher on Tuesday morning. 

“The difference is in the comfort and ease we can load somebody,” Jason Speight said.

“We can load people without so much jerking around. If someone has an injury or has pain this is a lot smoother,” he explained.

“There’s also a lot more variable riding positions for the patient. On transfer we can raise the knee, raise the head and just make them a lot more comfortable than our old stretchers.”

The new ambulances have been slowly rolled out around the region, with 24 hour stations in Bathurst, Orange and Lithgow having had them for awhile.

Mr Speight said his staff – Laura Harrison, Laura Llaurado-Goytia and Michael Dawson – were excited with the arrival and training opportunity. 

“We’ve been really wanting one. It’s something really good for the Canowindra community,” he said.

“We’ve just finished the training this morning. There’s a lot involved ensuring everything is safe.

“All the staff is trained and knows how to operate it safely.” 

Mr Speight encourages the community to head up to the station and check out the new vehicle, which also has brand new NSW Ambulance markings, and know that they are available 24 hours a day.

“I want the community to know that we’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” he said.

“The station has fully qualified paramedics. Everyone is trained up. 

“If anyone want to come up and talk to us about the new ambulance or anything they’re more than welcome to come up and see us.

“The markings on the ambulance are new so we will stand out a lot more. 

“The vehicle here today is what people will see around town.”