Pre-paid fares in regional NSW

Transport NSW has announced that taxi customers in regional NSW may now be asked to pay their taxi fares at the start of their journey.

Canowindra Taxi Service operator Ian Guihot said the pre-paid fares was something he could keep in mind.

“Anything we can do to make it easier on the customer and the driver is good,’ he said.

“There is still no plans to change and use the pre-paid fares at the moment.

“Anything that makes regional and city Taxi services closer is better, but there is still too big a discrepancy between the two,” he said. 

The ‘pre-paid fares’ arrangement involves a customer paying an estimated fare, and either paying the balance or receiving a refund when they reach their destination.

A Transport for NSW Spokesperson said that the introduction of pre-paid taxi fares provides greater assurance and protection to both customers and drivers.

“Customers in country NSW can now pre-pay an estimated fare either when hailing a taxi from the street or catching one from a taxi rank,” the Spokesperson said.

“Whether a customer is asked to pre-pay their fare is entirely up to the driver. However, it’s important that customers in regional NSW are aware that if the driver does ask them to pre-pay their fare, they will be obliged to do so.”

Pre-paid fare arrangements do not apply to customers using Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme vouchers to pay for part or all of their journeys.