Two big wins, two tight games highlights round five touch footy

BottleO def Honey Badgers 6-4

Try scorers: Callum Clyburn, Max Wensley (BottleO) – Lachy Davis, Pete Guthrie, Shaun Craven (Honey Badgers).

Best and fairest - Max Wensley and Callum Clyburn.

3 Max, 2 Dan Middleton, 1 Olivia Parish.

Central motors def unicorns 13-3

Try scorers: Kathy Davis, Mark Fisher, Matt Harrison, Brydon Hughes, Hayden Cummings - Pedro Tapim and Dylan Slattery.

B & F - Matt Harrison and Dylan Slattery.

3 Brydon Hughes, 3 Pedro tapim, 1 Dylan Slattery.

Cargo Shearing def MNT 19-4

Try scorers: Matt Mclean, Nick Willson, Sammi Laing, Adam Clunes, Rhys Maere, Brodie Friend, Amy Watson (Cargo Shearing) – Craig Newcombe, Cables Dunn and Cody Draber (MNT).

Best and fairest: Brittany Whatman and Matt Mclean.

3 Matt Mclean, 2 Nick Willson, 1 Craig Newcombe.

Canowindra Real Estate def I'd Touch This 2-1

Try scorers Joe Coady, Joe Besedic (Canowindra Real Estate) – Lindsay Thurgate (I’d Touch This).

Best and fairest: Brooke Kinsela and Brett Traves.

3 Lachy Balcombe, 2 Gus Fisher, 1 Sammi Boog.

Draw for Monday, November 20


MNT v Canowindra Real Estate (field one) – Duty: Honey Badgers

Unicorns v I’d Touch This (field two) – Duty: Central Motors


BottleO v Cargo Shearing (field one) – Duty: Canowindra Real Estate

Central Motors v Honey Badgers (field two) – Duty: Unicorns