Terry and Emily Koziniec will be evacuated from Cradle Mountain

Conditions at Lake St Clair (left) and Emily Koziniec before embarking on a hike with her father (inset).
Conditions at Lake St Clair (left) and Emily Koziniec before embarking on a hike with her father (inset).

A search and rescue team has found a West Australian father and daughter in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park after blizzard conditions hampered their hike.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter tried to winch Terry and Emily Koziniec out of the national park, but weather conditions forced the chopper to land.

Police and a paramedic walked towards Pelion Hut to find the two bushwalkers, who were about one-kilometre south of the hut.

The rescuers and hikers are walking back to the helicopter so they can be flown to the visitor centre.

On Sunday night Mr Koziniec messaged his wife Tracey to let her know they were moving slowly.


The experienced bushwalkers were at Lake St Clair National Park about 4pm on Sunday, trekking near Kia Ora Hut, when they reported being cold and tired, so they set up camp.

The helicopter was unable to access them on Monday, so the pair walked towards Pelion Hut.

Mr Koziniec has a GPS satellite communication device and is an experienced bushwalker.

The 50-year-old successfully hiked Cradle Mountain last winter and completed a one-week mountaineering and bush survival course to prepare for this year's hike.

The Koziniec family arrived in Tasmania on Wednesday morning, with Mrs Koziniec staying in the state to be a precautionary communication point for her husband and daughter.

"That's why I was in Tassie, so I could relay if something went wrong and I have been in constant contact with the police," she said.

Mrs Koziniec said the pair were well prepared for the conditions, with -20-degree sleeping bags and an appropriate tent.

"They had a warm night," she said.

Tasmania Police Inspector Darren Hopkins said anyone planning a trip into Tasmanian alpine conditions should be aware of the forecast and unpredictability in weather conditions.

"They should be experienced bushwalkers and have the right equipment," he said.