Plenty of action for Canowindra's women bowlers

Two matches were played on Tuesday, July 9.


Nancy Morrow, Jill Messenger and Deanna Noble defeated Shirley Robson (sub) for Marion Wilson, Jeanette Wheeldon and Diane Slattery 25-14.

Daph Bryant, Christine Pickard and Gwen Haydon defeated Leanne Stevenson, Radka Tatterson and Sheryn O'Malveney 18-17.

There was one social game played.

Karen Cox, Liz Thornberry, Moyna Rue and Colleen Crump defeated Penny Nash, Linda Miller, Betty Jenkins and Libby Balcombe 26-7.

The Lucky Draw was won by Tracey Bates with No. 40.

We have two of our members celebrating birthdays this month Deanna Noble on July 23 and Shirley Robson on July 26.

A very happy birthday to you both.