Resident calls on council to consider service station impact: Letter

Canowindra ratepayers, please think carefully on the proposal of a service station on 19-23 Gaskill St.

Cabonne Council covers an area of 6017 square kms which includes 7 towns. Only two streets in this large area are defined as Heritage Precincts; Bank St Molong and Gaskill St, Canowindra, classified as Heritage/Urban Conservation.

Canowindra residents who appreciate and love our town know it is a unique country town which attracts many visitors, not only for our festivals and events in promoting tourism, but also many people who visit, come to see our Heritage buildings, and enjoy the peace and quiet, and friendly atmosphere.

The development application to build a large modern service station with a convenience store at 19-23 Gaskill St, manned from 5 a.m. to 10 pm and all night with card facilities seven days a week, illuminated with bright lights and signs is not appropriate on this site.

The added volume of traffic and heavier vehicles, are a hazard to pedestrians and schoolchildren, with noise, flood, and possible pollution of the Belubula river flats, should an accident or spill occur, is a matter of great concern.

No matter what precautions are taken, accidents and spillage are possibilities and should be considered.

The building itself will not fit in with present Heritage and Urban Conservation of the older style homes in Gaskill St.

As residents we need to think of this proposal in our town and what effect it will have on us all besides the businesses in town which supply our needs.

The impact will be enormous and as residents and ratepayers, please think of the changes that may come should this proposal succeed.

Nola Meggitt

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