Alcohol consumption turns accused "from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde"

A 38-year-old Canowindra man has been prohibited from entering his hometown unless he is travelling to or from court.

The restriction was placed on Joshua Garry Raymond Hancock of Landi Street, Orange, as part of 12-month supervised community correction orders given to him by Cowra Local Court.

Hancock was before the court charged with two counts of contravening an AVO and one count of intimidation intending fear in two separate incidences.

According to police facts, Hancock was subjected to final orders of an AVO, which included a condition not to approach the victims within 12 hours of consuming alcohol, from July 3, 2019 to July 2, 2021 and served a copy of the AVO on July 4, 2019.

On November 16, Hancock had been at a local hotel to celebrate his birthday. Whilst there he consumed alcohol.

Around 9pm, he went to the victim's residence drunk and began yelling and ranting at the victims. This continued for an hour before a witness drove him to a friend's address.

Hancock then returned to the victim's address around 11pm and continued to argue with the victims, turning over their TV.

He again returned on November 17, arguing with the victims and stating he was leaving the residence. He began packing his bags before ransacking the victims's bedroom.

As he left, Hancock's suitcase broke causing all that he had packed to fall out. He then kicked it about he yard before storming off.

In a separate incident on November 28, Hancock attended a counseling session with his victims. Later in the evening he lost his composure with the victims, resulting in a torrent of verbal abuse and began drinking.

He continued to verbally abuse one of his victims until they left. The victim then contacted police saying they were too afraid to contact them in front of Hancock.

Police arrived a short time later and found Hancock semiconscious hiding under a bed. He refused to come out and had to be physically removed.

Hancock smelt strongly of liquor and was unable to stand, though he told police he was under the effects of gravity and nothing else.

Hancock's solicitor Clive Hill told the court alcohol was the root cause of his client's offending and had previously undergone a detox program, however a recent family tragedy had "tipped him over the edge".

In sentencing Magistrate Michael O'Brien said Hancock needed to understand that convictions for these kinds of offences could carry lengthy terms of imprisonment.

"It's readily apparent that you need to meaningfully address your relationship with alcohol," he said.

"Going to your history it seems 20 years ago alarm bells should have been ringing. It's only when your freedom is taken from you that we see some improvement.

"It seems when you consume alcohol you turn from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde, unless you do something to address this you will face harsher penalties."