Canowindra SES busy after recent rain deluge

The Canowindra SES has been kept busy since the recent deluge of rain.
The Canowindra SES has been kept busy since the recent deluge of rain.

Canowindra SES has been kept busy over the last week or so responding to a number of callouts in the local area after the recent deluge of rain.

Unit Commander Cameron McKenzie said there was quite a large storm to the east of Canowindra last Tuesday.

"We had unconfirmed reports of 100mm of rain and there was also a lot of wind," he said.

"We had a few jobs out on Belubula Way removing trees off the road and that sort of thing and there was a lot of water over the roads.

"There was a request from the Cowra SES to head out the Cowra Road as they had reports of water flowing over the road.

"We went out and checked it out, there was quite a lot of water around but there seemed to be no damage anywhere apart from fences being down."

The Belubula River peaked at 3.81 metres on the same night.

"Luckily the Lachlan River was empty and it came up and went down quite quickly and didn't cause too much damage," Cameron said.

"We had two teams out in the field that night from 5pm to 10pm plus an operations manager up at the unit.

"There was water over the road out near Jacks Creek and quite a bit of water over George Russell Drive."

One of the jobs the SES were called to was an unusual one - approximately 30 sheep were caught on a log in the middle of a crossing on George Russell Drive after the water rose rapidly.

"We waited until the water went down a bit so we knew they could walk out and we coaxed them from the edge of the water and they took off," Cameron said.

No people had to be rescued despite a number of motorists taking the very real risk of driving through floodwaters.

"I'd really like to push the message home that if it's flooded forget it," Cameron said.

"Do not drive, ride or walk in floodwaters, it's dangerous and you don't know what's under there."

The crew was called to the Cargo Road on Monday night after a large branch fell from a tree directly in front of a car.

"It was quite scary, the driver and passenger were very shaken," Cameron said.

"It fell down right in front of them and they drove through it.

"We attended and made sure the occupants of the vehicle were ok and cleared the tree off the road."