Your scorecard: How you see the federal government one-year after re-election

More than 3000 ACM readers from 81 cities and towns participated in our online Federal Government scorecard.

We asked you to rate the government's handling of health, the economy, education, environment, the bushfire crisis and coronavirus crisis. We also asked you to rate how much you trusted the government.

The readers gave their strongest backing to the handling of the coronavirus crisis but were not so impressed with the handling of the environment or the summer's bushfires.

Ratings for each area were from 0-100, with 0-20 a poor rating, 21-40 below average, 41-60 average, 61-80 above average and 81-100 excellent.

The government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic scored 53 out of 100.

While 726 people gave a score of 10 or under, nearly 400 people gave a top score of 100. That's twice as many 100 scores received for any other subject area.

Much has happened since the bushfire crisis but people who completed the scoreboard still gave a strong indication the government did not handle it well. It scored below average with an overall score of 29. More than 50 per cent of poll participants gave it a score of 10 or under.

Total votes for each rating

The rating for the environment was also below average with a score of 29. Even more people gave it a poor rating with 56 per cent giving it a score of 10 and under.

People who gave the government a poor score for the environment were also more likely to give it a poor trust rating.

How people rated handling of the environment and trust in the government

The other sectors had average ratings, with health at 43, the economy at 40 and education at 35.

  • The reader scorecard had 3291 submissions in three days from online stories on ACM websites. More than 80 of the sites had submissions.
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