Canowindra residents paying more for water compared to neighbouring shires

Photo: Brook Mitchell
Photo: Brook Mitchell

Canowindra ratepayers are paying some of the highest usage and access costs for water compared to our neighbouring shires.

Central Tablelands Water (CTW) supplies water to the townships of Canowindra, Grenfell and Blayney, while also providing water to villages such as Cargo, Cudal and Mandurama.

CTW users were charged an access fee of $240 and a per kilolitre rate of $3.10/kl for all water used.

In comparison, Forbes residents, who get their water from the Lachlan River, were paying an access charge of $239 and then $1.40/kl for every kilolitre of water used.

While Cowra ratepayers, who are also supplied by the Lachlan River, have lower access rates of $221, they are charged $3.31 per kilolitre for water, the highest in the region.

By comparison last financial year Parkes ratepayers were paying just $184 to access the town's water system.

Parkes ratepayers then paid $1.90/kl for the first 400kl of water used and $3.50 for every other kilolitre.

Orange was charging $268.71 and residents were asked to pay $2.41 per kilolitre for the first 450kl they used and then $3.60/kl for all water used after that point.