Being creative with the Captain during times of COVID-19

During COVID restrictions, Sue Hodge, local Canowindra artist, found herself with an excess of energy.

"Without parties or social functions I needed to find some way to use up my everyday energies," Sue said.

So Sue, being married to the famous Captain Barnacles, (the best kept secret in the Central West) decided to do a illustrated series of the life and adventures of the Captain.

Sue started with writing a poem based on the alphabet and the Captain's life and it grew from there.

It is now a set of 26 that will be exhibited locally in the last week of November and first week of December at the Canowindra Art Gallery.

The Exhibition is based on the adventures of Captain Barnacles.

Captain Barnacles is a pirate of the best kind and this exhibition is a series of illustrated panels based on his experiences on the high seas.

The poem accompanies this series and explains what is happening in the picture, from the setting sail of Captain Barnacle's ship the Euangalion, to encountering monsters of the deep, to finding lost treasure to coming safely home again.

The Captain and his faithful crew have many scary, exciting and even life threatening experiences.

Each panel is also based on a letter of the alphabet. The first panel is A of course and thus has a lot of objects featured in it starting with the letter A.

There are two challenges to be taken up in the exhibition:

  • How many objects can you name that start with the letter of the alphabet featured in the top left hand corner of the panel?
  • There is a number Challenge. In each panel there is a range of obvious objects that add up to a certain number

Sue would especially like to thank the Bullock family for being the brain bank for many of the series and the patience of her husband, who endured through many a letter obsession.

The series is mostly created to help children learn but there is a fair bit of fun going on the the panels.

It's been described as a cross between "Where's Wally" and "Animalia".

"I hope adults and children alike will come and view the work and have a bit of a laugh," she said.

"It certainly made me laugh a lot creating it and in these restricted times maybe laughter is the best medicine.

"You may just be able to win a ride with the Captain as well on his Halley and Sidecar if you come along."