10 tips for keeping mice at bay: Sue Hodge shares the secrets

Cleaner Sue Hodge is probably just as qualified as anyone when it comes to taking steps to reduce mice problems in your home.

Residents throughout southern and western NSW are currently dealing with a growing mice plague and while Ms Hodge admits she's not a professional on rodent control, she has picked up a few tips that she believes everyone should be following.

"A small but important fact about mice is they do not have a normal bladder, they tend to dribble urine as they move along," Ms Hodge told the Canowindra News.

"Just remember where you have seen mouse poo there is wee, potentially on your pillow, not a nice thought.

"Mice produce between 40 and 100 droppings a day.

"I suggest even one cute little mouse is one too many, so here are some tips. I am but a humble cleaner, but the following steps might help reduce your mice infestation."

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1. Keep it out of the bedroom

Do not eat in your bedrooms. Mice love small, bite-sized crumbs and are opportunists. Keep your home clean.

2. Seal it up

Put your foodstuffs or interesting materials in sealed containers. I had mice in my home try and get into shell grit - weird but true.

3. Your toaster is a hazard

Cover the toaster. Toasters for mice are like a restaurant. Eat in or takeaway.

4. The mouse will always fit

Mice can get through holes the size of a five-cent piece. Never underestimate a mouse. Where you can, use steel wool to plug up holes.

5. Wheel it away

Be sure to empty your garbage frequently keeping your wheelie bins away from the home. Not up against a wall - mice can climb. I watched a mouse climb up a 15-metre wall in church once when I was supposed to be listening to the sermon.

6. Even just a sniff is too tempting

Anything that smells of food, such as packaging or dirty cloths, keep in a mouse-proof basket or tub.

7. Plug all the gaps

Door bottoms and holes in walls, from air conditioners for example, need to be sealed well. For doors, there are special flaps that can be attached, or use a door snake. Just make sure it's filled with sand, not saw dust.

8. Pack away the wheat bag

At all costs do not leave wheat bags in your bed. I use one every night but the mice love these - it's a packaged dinner.

9. Keep rebaiting traps

Traps are the best for the killing process but don't work unless they have bait on or in them. You may laugh but I've seen quite a few traps where light-footed mice have licked them clean. Peanut butter is a good option.

10. Poison bait isn't the only answer

Baiting is all right but I personally don't like the chance of other animals being affected. Alternatively some other ideas are mothballs, cloves and ammonium. Anything with a strong odour.

Plaster of Paris in flour will kill a mouse eventually but I prefer to see where the mice die so it's easier to find and get rid of the carcass. Mice will be getting to the point of cannibalism as the food sources thin, so It's good to get rid of animal carcasses altogether.