NSWRL says it is waiting for clarity from Public Health Orders in order to determine an outcome for 2021 community competitions

The New South Wales Rugby League says it's waiting for clarity from the NSW Government's Public Health Orders before it officially calls time on the remaining Group competitions across the state but it is looking more and more likely that the 2021 season for the Canowindra Tigers will end with a final round loss against Eugowra.

Group 10, along with fellow senior Western Division competitions like Group 11, Woodbridge Cup and the Castlereagh League, remains in play this year, despite deputy premier John Barilaro casting a pretty grey cloud over the state of play for all community sport on Friday.

Following news some regions across NSW were emerging from lockdown on September 11, Mr Barilaro remained adamant the risk associated with allowing sport to return as per normal as well was too great.

"We never said at 70 per cent (double vaccination) we could do everything. We need patience, and that's what we're asking for," he said.

He referred to NSW's current COVID-19 climate as "a tinder box ready to explode".

It's believed no community sport will get the green light, anywhere in NSW, until an 80 per cent double vaccination rate is achieved.

With that figure in mind, sporting bodies across NSW are madly punching dates and rates into their calculators and believe mid-November is the earliest competitions can resume - or start, for that matter, with the beginning of the summer sporting season normally early October.

But a NSWRL spokesperson said it was tough to give volunteers any clarity when the Public Health Order, designed by the state government, is yet to release any formal detail on what restrictions sporting competitions would need to adhere to in order to wrap up their 2021 seasons.

"In order to ensure accurate advice is provided to the rugby league community, the NSWRL will provide a further update once the Public Health Order is released," the spokesperson said.

"We appreciate the impact and uncertainty that this period is having on the rugby league community, and community in general, and thank you for your patience."

Group 10 chairman Linore Zamparini met with his board via Zoom on Thursday night and a mid-November grand final date is being floated.

But he admits even that is optimistic given the circumstances across Western - the only area of Group 10 out of lockdown on September 11 will be Cowra.

Zamparini said the Group has been in contact with clubs to see if they're in favour of a November decider.

"Clubs haven't played since the middle of August and the two weeks of training will probably not be enough.

"If clubs want to keep going and think that they can get it done then we're behind them 100 per cent," he said.

A final round loss to Eugowra could be the end of what was otherwise a great season for the Canowindra Tigers. Photo Narelle Hughes.

A final round loss to Eugowra could be the end of what was otherwise a great season for the Canowindra Tigers. Photo Narelle Hughes.