Informer: Merry holidays and a happy Christmas

Picture: Shutterstock
Picture: Shutterstock

Streets are adorned with sparkling lights, shopping centre carparks are packed before 9am and fish mongers are running out of fresh prawns.

It must be Christmas.

And there's plenty to celebrate - especially for Queenslanders who can finally be united with their interstate and international loved ones.

The state's borders opened this morning with plenty of emotional reunions to be seen at Brisbane Airport.

Any parcels not posted today will have to be sent via Express Post to arrive interstate before Christmas.

Australia Post's Rod Barnes says the number of parcels this year are expected to exceed last December's delivery record of more than 52 million parcels.

So spare a thought for your local postie!

At least there's plenty to look at as they zip around suburban neighbourhoods with a lot of families going all out on the festive light displays this year.

My neighbours had their houses decorated before December even kicked off - either they're making up for lost time or just trying to bring 2021 to an end sooner.

There were Christmas tree posts on social media early in November too.

But this year the National Asthma Council Australia is warning Christmas tree fans about the dangers of 'Christmas tree syndrome'.

Apparently it's an allergic reaction that causes wheezing, sneezing, coughs, sore eyes and potentially serious asthma attacks - and it can happen whether your tree is real or fake.

There are also some concerns about the presents that can be found under the tree.

NSW Better Regulation and Innovation Minister Kevin Anderson has urged consumers to do their research before buying toys as Christmas gifts.

"Each year we see a range of toys that are dangerous or inappropriate, from things that can shoot, choke, cut or burn, there are many toys out there that should not make their way into the hands of a child," he said.

"Retailers have a responsibility to ensure their products do not cause injury to children, but not every retailer plays by the rules so we need to exercise caution when purchasing gifts for our loved ones."

My family often gathers around a plastic Christmas tree on December 25, but the age old debate about real versus fake trees still rages on.

Not to mention the debate about whether to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays".

Whatever side of that debate you reside on, I am sure we can all agree, after a year of lockdowns it's just nice to see people coming together again.